giving back

Cremation Jewelers helps to support various charities. If you wish to have your donation support a specific entity, please call Cremation Creations directly.

Cremation Jewelers is not a 501c3 and cannot offer a tax deduction. All donations will be pooled to purchase additional Jewelry findings to make donated jewelry and to be dispersed to individuals at Cremation Jewelers discretion. All donation funds will be considered UNRESTRICTED but will NOT go to everyday operational cost. If there is a need that Cremation Creations sees fit to assist with and the fund/ Jewelry Findings are available, Cremation Creations will assist. Often Cremation Creations will assist where we are needed vs being tied to 1 or 2 charities. 

Giving back to the people and pets that protect us 

With every Purchase that is made, I will put 3% of the proceeds away for a good cause. Every day a police dog or a military dog puts their life on the line, to make sure this world is a better place. Occasionally that dog’s life is taken by a criminal during the pursuit. I will to use the percentage of the funds to purchase additional supplies and donate my time to provide the officer that cared for the dog with a piece of jewelry of their choice free of charge. In most cases these animals do not just stay at the precinct while the officer goes home, when the officer goes home so does the police dog and they are a family unit. 

Police, military, border patrol or any form of government 

If a hero in your community needs to be honored feel free to contact me. In the event you're limited on uniform requirements, I can make custom Cufflinks.